Duration: 3-4 Hours
Location: Medellin
Available Seat: 1-6
Price: $45USD
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A great opportunity to get to know the city in short amount of time. An estimate of 2 to 3 hours. We will be able to see the city from inside out.
As we go along, the tour it includes beautiful scenery and panoramic views. On each stop we’ll get out walk around, take pics and share the history behind that place.

  • ONE: El Poblado. Where Medellin was formed and where you’ll find the first settlers came to.
  • TWO: Plaza Mayor is our main convention center. It’s also where our intelligent, smart or green building is located.
  • THREE: Plaza Botero; It is the cultural center of Medellin. That was renovated in the late 90’s
  • FOUR: Here we will ride MetroCable of San Javier, other wise known as Comuna 13. It’s a neighborhood attached to one of our darkest past. You’ll be able to appreciate the changes in the city and the transformation it has gone through in the past 10 to 15 years. A place where you can come to understand medellin’s 180 degrees turn around from its dark past to the vibrant city it has become.


  • $45 USD per person minimum of 2 people.
  • $90 USD if only one person.
    • Metrocable tickets are included

Unless noted otherwise, all of our tours include transportation and an English speaking guide and driver.

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